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Stuffed Belly Mukbang Custom

1,290 4.5
1,290 4.5
29:01 min - Aug 23 - .MP4 - 3.31 GB - 1920x1080 HD - Stream Only

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Mmmmmm I loved seeing Chromie's big tits hanging on her fat potbelly. As usual, hot as HELL

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What a big stuffed belly. You won't regret buying it.

Oof, I ate so much! In this custom clip, I spend the first 15 minutes eating a massive plate of Chinese food, stuffing my face and belching while sitting in front of the television. POV, so you are sitting right next to me as I eat. The second half is where it really gets fun. I have stripped down to just panties and some tape over my nipples. jiggling and rubbing my aching, overstuffed gut, even getting down on all fours. Talking about what a pig I am, I decide that, even though I'm absolutely packed, I should chug a soda. Groaning and talking about how stuffed, greedy, and fat I am, I crack open the can and slowly begin to pack it into my massive stomach. I manage to finish the can, even though I literally think I'm going to explode. This is definitely top ten of fullest I've ever been - that soda really pushed it over the top. This is the first video I've ever made where I ate on camera, and the closest to nude I've ever been in a video. Includes: Bbw, fat fetish, feederism, feeder/feedee, fat chat, fat jiggling, belly stuffing, bloated belly, stuffed belly, ass slaps, stuffed burps, eating, hiccups, belly slaps, big tits, big boobs, pig play, fat humiliation, belly play, belly rubs, and belly aches
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