Footage from my MV Takeover as D.Va

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02:34:45 hours - Jan 04 - .MP4 - 1.90 GB - 1280x720 HD


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Kittenmittens Jan 11 2018

Do you like, want me to carry you out of silver...its sad. Not in a hot way

princessberpl Jan 12 2018

I'm 3300 ~_~

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Jan 6 2018
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I happened to miss her MV take over and this was a chance to see at least the highlights. I usually don't give up a chance to see this incredibly adorable, sweet and very sexy lady.

WanderingSky Jan 6 2018
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If you have never watched Berpl streaming and that you are curious about it, this video is a good way to start. It is kind of a mashup of what she does on Twitch and MFC. The video quality is indeed a bit lower than her usual videos, but it is not that far of what you would get if she was actually streaming.

Her "summer D.Va" costume is pretty cute in my opinion. You will not see it for long though. Spectators tipped a lot at start and she ended up totally naked after half an hour. The camera she put under her desk will make you want to take its place. The preview is pretty self explanatory here. Just imagine getting two hours of this magnificent spectacle. The top camera is also lovely but I kind of wish she placed it a bit lower to get a better view of her face when the vibrator kicks in.

The chat may be a bit complicated at times to follow since she did not include the chat window. I think I prefer it that way though. I remember it taking a lot of space during the original stream. Now it can just put the video in full screen and enjoy the show in all its glory.

This is almost the entire 3 hours of my MV Takeover. Featuring me being completely tormented by my chat, losing ranked Overwatch games, and fearing for the safety of my battle tag. No one else has tried to do a live stream on ManyVids while playing a video game so this was an absolute first! The footage is not true HD due to the sheer length of the video, but I still hope you are able to enjoy despite that small difference in quality - It was live after all! Thank you for all the support during this show