19 yo Brazilian Girl's First Time Anal

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12,759 5.0
41:25 min - Jun 12 - .MOV - 4.54 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Today we have a different style of video to the regular videos we upload, Our guy Antonio Mallorca manages to convince one of the girls he had sex with previously to have her first ever anal sex. This beautiful Brazilian 19 year old teen has never done anal before in her life, you can see from the video how tight her ass is but Antonio manages to open it up and have one of the greatest anal sex with her. As the anal penetration starts you are going to be amazed by the sounds and facial impressions she makes. The great angles showing her tight round ass will give you trouble to last to the end of the video. This girl is definitely one of my favourites... We will see you guys next week with another Gold Digger video.. Love you all xx
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