A2 vs 2B | NieR: Automata

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Lana Rain

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34,361 4.8
12:15 min - May 25 - .MP4 - 905.40 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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https://zebras.world/Profile/1002862938/JadeandKaii/Store/Videos/ Nice one, you should check my page out I just started! 🥰😘

cant download...

nice vid! .)

My problem isn't if the content interest me, because it does, the problem is 40s for 12 min (at best knowing the usual self advertising) I had bought many of your vid, Lana, but this one is going to stay out of my cart

Captn_h Jun 2

Dumb question, will it be censored like in the "trailer" or not? Looks really amazing.

Dat ass <3

1 word to anyone who is thinking of buying but is hesitant , CREAMPIE <3

Hot as hell girl  i’m sorry about what I have to say this. whoever be with you it’s gonna be a lucky person, hell if I was yours I would pair for you as a goddess, apologize if this creeps you out. Just being truthful

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Fantastic, only issue was that the camera angles weren't the best. I'd totally get a longer version of the video if there was one, maybe expand on the anal tease at the end? (Obviously only do whatever you're comfortable with though.)

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Loved the video. The camera work was a bit wonky. But understandable when reading the description. Costumes where fantastic.

Thank you for the feedback and for taking into consideration the challenges detailed in the description ^^.

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the only A2 video to ever been made by any content creator <3 1 word to anyone who is thinking of buying but is hesitant , CREAMPIE <3

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Wow, Your Nier vids are always getting better. Having another girl there adds a certain ferocity to the scene that can't be understated. Also the outdoors area really helped set the scene.

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I loved this video, the public place, the characters and all of the ANGLES! This is truly a rare video from lana. Holy crap, she makes such cute sounds O.O

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The video was amazing knowing what it must of took to even get the shots that you did in the area you did the video in is amazing.

owen445x Jun 11
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I think Lana is probably one of the most attractive woman I have ever seen and I really enjoy her videos. I love all the camera angles and the amount of effort placed into the costumes and editing. The only thing that is a minor complaint would be that she rarely shows her breasts when they are amazing to see in other videos. I'm not suggesting all the time, but toward the end would have been a great scene to have the top come off while she was laying down. Great video though, thanks for making them.

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer May 25
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An excellent successor to her Makoto vid, and a an excellent continuation on her 2B vid. I loved the scene in her Makoto vid where she does get fucked by a strap-on to see it again got me excited a lot. The set really fits A2s theme since you first see her in the castle ruins which is set in a forest area. so the outside makes sense. The scene where she gets her pussy spread. I will never see a delicious looking pussy from anyone other than Lana. So for those who want more strap-on action or if you are fan of Yoko Taros game/ NieR: Automata or both, get this vid.

[A-Tier][60 FPS][Plot] 2B’s memory bank and registry are corrupted from her last mission in disinfecting the infected androids (see previous 2B video "2B Uses Her Body To Rescue" found here: https://zebras.world/Video/1110731/2b-uses-her-body-to-rescue/). 9S calls upon A2 for help which causes A2 to hunt down 2B. Unfortunately, things don't go according to plan as A2 loses to this more aggressive version of 2B... |||||| This video features another girl. This will not be a regular occurrence, I just really wanted to get my A2 vs 2B concept out :3