Intense Sex With A 18 yo Gold Digger

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59,137 5.0
52:07 min - Mar 25 - .M4V - 1.27 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Welcome back guys, for our third video we managed to catch a super hot 18 year old typical Brazilian teen. The video is topped with great angles to show you everything you want to see, the intense sex will keep you excited from start to finish. The face of this amazing teen is blurred in the trailer however the full video is fully uncensored so you will see every single facial impressions she makes. For everyone who purchases the video and leaves a 5 star review & a like, we will message them a 20% discount code for the next video. Detailed Break Down Of The Video: 6 Mins Story 4 Mins Make out 6 Mins Oral Sex 32 Mins Full Sex
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