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PAG porque ese pendejo trae una playera del America?? neta no mamen!

M19C12 May 26

I can't get access to the video even if I paid, what the hell is wrong?

WORST VIDEO I SAW AT MV...Don't mock about poverty! Don't go to other countries and mock about that! If you wanna do something like that, go for you country and mock of your friends... Brazil is not your place and this type of content makes me sick!!!

Que pendejada mas grande he leido! este es el mejor video de todo MV. Lejos!
neta no digas mamadas!!

Translate my comment and read it right... It mocks and depreciate my country, abuses of the poverty of some places of my country to sell this old type of porn... I don't think that it was the type of content that should be here at MV, there are other places to him sell it and MV should no be one of that!

Nayeemjr Apr 27

Where is the full video 😐😐
i'm still waiting for watching!

hahaha fake video that shit


Calebe8k Mar 30


Ma203pt Mar 25

Girl's name?

Haubgirl Mar 15

So much wonderful places in Brazil and you show this poor and sad part? Poverty and misery is not something to be ridiculed and despised. this is sad.

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In this video Antonio Mallorca is starting his journey around the world to catch gold diggers. He is going around the favelas of Brazil to find his first ever gold digger teens. After a challenging day of looking for a money hungry girl in public he final spots a girl waiting at the bus stop just by the slums of Brazil. He manages to bring the girl who seems to be aged between 18 & 19 yrs old home and sets hidden cam around the house to produce this amazing video. The movie ends with a little twist, we hope you enjoy this first episode of catching gold diggers around the world.
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