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Taboo Daughters birthday gift to Daddy



American / Austin Texas
21:35 min - Jan 07 - .MP4 - 1.24 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Its daddys birthday and I promised I'd spend it with him this year. Its his first birthday since mom left him and I dont want him to be alone. Well daddy I forgot to get you something this years... okay I didn't forget I just didn't know what to get you. So im asking you now what is it that you want. Anything I'll make it happen. What do you mean its something I cant give you?? try me. Are you saying you want more intimate things??? I didnt realize you werent getting your fill since mom left. Ahh you really must have loved mommy that you wont even go dating. Im growing more and more and My body is starting to look more and more like mom Im sorry if thats bothering you. Its not? you actually want me??? well I can be sexy just like mom was I can for daddy. I sing happy birthday to daddy being sexy and hoping to get his attention. ITs not enough you need more. Show me daddy please. *Daddy takes over and has his way with his daughter.Spanking her ass, fucking her doggy style, making her take his big cock. Her tight pussy cant handle her daddy pounding her so she sucks licks and take his cock deep in her mouth till he cums all over her face.
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