Celebrate Your MV Anniversary! 

100% Vids Payout For 24hr

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ManyVids is trying to change the world by doing business differently–we’re more than an adult site, we’re building a community of adult creators and online sex workers where hardworking entrepreneurs can generate revenue doing what they love. We do our best to make it all about our remarkable MV Stars, and our platform is about supporting and uplifting everyone who uses it by giving them the tools they need to make a successful career.    

So, as a small way to say thanks and to recognize the incredible work and achievements of every MV Star, we’d like to help each of you celebrate your MV Anniversary in style with a 100% payout on all vid sales you generate on that day, that’s right 100%! What is your MV Anniversary you ask? It’s the day you created your account as an MV Star on our platform. 

Once the calendar comes around to the exact day you signed up for MV as an MV Star, you’ll make 100% on all vids sold for that 24-hour period as determined by MV Time. The 24 hours of your MV Anniversary are not in your local time zone but in MV Time, the time zone used to determine all payment periods–you can check MV Time on your earnings page. 

The 100% rate only applies to vid sales and isn’t retroactive. 

And we’ll do all we can to make sure you never miss your MV Anniversary (in case you can’t remember when you initially signed up or you get busy and your Anniversary date sneaks up on you) we’ll send you an email 1 week prior to your Anniversary as well as on the day of. Plus, you can check the date of your MV Anniversary anytime by going to your profile and clicking on the <About> tab to see it listed there. This way you should always have time to get ready for your big day and to do any promotion to your fans and MV Members.  

We hope every MV Star takes advantage of this awesome event when their MV Anniversary rolls around and that it motivates you to reach for even more while you celebrate! 

Please go on the ManyVids Twitter page and Re-Tweet our pinned tweet if you are happy about this news!

Always here to help!

- MV Team

Featured MV Stars: SaraKressen, Ari Dee, Scarlett DeMitro, CourtniDemilune, Sasha de Sade, Princess Jem, latingogoboys, dreichwe

Thank you MV❤️


This is so awesome!!  Thanks MV, I can't wait to think up something special!

Bless up bless up

this is so cute thank you

This is really awesome ! I have some months to go but hopefully I remember 💕

This is pretty awesome. Love this

hooray hooray

AvaAmour Aug 16

Very cool ManyVids!

oh yes ; 0

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I love this! website :)^.^

You r H.O.T.T.

I love this!

I didn’t get my 100% the whole day either....

Not on any of my sales today or yesterday.

I didn’t get my 100%.... 🤬

The whole day?? It’s all dependent on the buyers time zone too.

My man anniversary is tomorrow but the buyer made a purchase a few minutes ago and they are 5 hours ahead in time so I got %100

So nice!

So cool! Thanks

thanks. thats pretty cool of u guys!!!

livecleo Jul 30

How do I find out when I joined MV??

You can find your join date in the 'About' tab on your profile. Yours is March 1st :-D

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Selling all my videos for $40⭐️🥰

Come check out my large selection of discounted videos before I upload new ones 😘😘

Hotwife Jul 27

Help me reach top five.

I only wish to receive 75-80% at least
60% is very small, come on :(

This is such a great idea x

PLEASE NOTE. YOUR ANNIVERSARY IS NOT, I REPEAT NOT! ON THE DATE LISTED ON YOUR ABOUT SECTION. According to the responses I just received - your anniversary date is actually the date you "joined" and the date on your ABOUT section of your profile is the date you were "APPROVED" to join.  This is posted after 7/19, my "joined" MV date as indicated on my profile by MV  being my anniversary as everyone has thought.  I asked support about it tonight and they said it was not correct. Please make sure you know your actual dates.  I had anniversary promos that were wasted as I was under the same general assumption as everyone else- I don't want you to miss your opportunity too!!!!!

oh damn, really ? i have been promoting that all over ! :-(

and now its probably to late, ffs !

Catpaws Jul 26

Thank you for posting about this!!! Since MV mentions they'll email you a week before the anniversary day, was the correct date listed in that email, or did you have to obtain it from MV Support?

I never received the anniversary email.  MV support said they were looking into it and I haven’t heard follow up yet.  I would email them and have them give you a concrete answer on your formal date since our about section is apparently incorrect.

My MV anniversary is today! Such a cool coincidence! :A:A:A

My anniversary is tomorrow 7/19 so I am VERY excited about this!

how do i see wen my many aniversery is

Locsmif Jul 18

And we’ll do all we can to make sure you never miss your MV Anniversary (in case you can’t remember when you initially signed up or you get busy and your Anniversary date sneaks up on you) we’ll send you an email 1 week prior to your Anniversary as well as on the day of. Plus, you can check the date of your MV Anniversary anytime by going to your profile and clicking on the tab to see it listed there. This way you should always have time to get ready for your big day and to do any promotion to your fans and MV Members.

Hell yes!

I am so grateful for this. Thank you so much, MV!!!

That's exciting new yay

Thank you MV. And for clarifying the time zones. Mine is coming up on the 17th.. New Video will be released then for sure :)

Dear mayvids, just raise payout on videos everyday all year by 10-15%. We don’t want this. We don’t want an updated website that butchers the quality and upload time of our content. Or a new cam add on that doesn’t even work half the time and support just blames it on our internet when we know that isn’t the problem because streaming on other sites is FINE. All the models complaining about the contests and your IGNORING the complaints. Raising payout will not hurt the site. It will benefit it and increase number of models and users on the site. If manyvids can give out almost $18,000 in prize money, they can EASILY raise our payout percentage. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.


That’s awesome. Thank you! 
Where can we find out our MV anniversary?


How do we find when we started on MV, though?

Can we get employment contracts that would help tons with loans and validating our employment.

This is an exciting change

AyanaXO Jul 8



literally came in about a month after my 1st anniversary :/

You guys are so awesome! Thank youuu

Aaaa yay!!

Berkley Jul 6

How do you find out what your anniversary day is?

Yours is the 19th of Feb. It's on your about page✨

Ginary Jul 6

awesome !

Very cool! :)

Wow how exited!!!

Awesome sauce! :)

WOW!!! This is awesome! Thanks MV!! xoxo

Thanks MV, this is amazing!

That's pretty amazing I do have to say!

This is so awesome!! Thanks ManyVids!

Love it!


mine is soon : 21st off juli, does this count for customs also? Because I have a custom comming up, and I would ask the client to wait untill then if possible ?!

Great idea, MV! 💕💕💕

Amazing !! Mv you always surprise us

Awesome news!

Awesome :)

Oh wow how cool this was released literally a few days after my anniversary date so so have to wait a whole year. Our anniversary date, MV anniversary date plus all holidays would be better! Allow us to enjoy this perk more then 1 day a year! At least PH gave us two full days!

That's so awesome, thank you MV!

50% off here



Hell YES! I'm gonna push this like crazy! Thanks MV!

Love it! Thank you 💋

Bitch! Yes! Mother fucking ManyVids! Yes! :x:take_my_money!:

Great news! Thanks MV Team!

Hello sweety I would love to do a video wit you

I sold video was 23h but I didn’t get 100% payout

Hey xxlcamrann, you'll make 100% on vid sales your MV Anniversary as shown in your About section on your profile. It looks like you joined Dec 15, 2017, so when Dec 15th comes around, you'll make 100% on vids all that day! :)

#WOW this is epic! Would be great if we got like a 48hr notice so that we could send out to our fans something like "Help me Celebrate my Anniversary on MV" etc

This would be awesome!

I love this!!

WOW! I need to prepare! AH! My MV anniversary is on the 14th O.O

This is awesome! Thank you MV!

Nice. Thank You MV.

Amazingggg! Thank you! <3
More of this, please.

Amazing! Thank you.. What about ManyVids´ Anniversary?? *blink blink*

Sounds good 👍

This is a great incentive too bad I don’t have lots of followers yet ...

Pretty happy about this

This is so cool! x

Awesome. 😍

this is wonderful! can't wait until my anniversary!

Woop woop!
And great promo pic on the tweet

Wow I love this content<3<3<3

love this!!!

Great :)

So fuckkkkkinggg nice

KCatBBW Jul 2

oh my gosh!!! thank you SO much, MV <3

This is AMAZING.

xsammix Jul 2

Very nice!!!!!! ☺️

That's awesome!

SheenaR Jul 2

This is cool

Good news!! :A<3

Awe I love this!

I hope there’ll be a tab where you can see who’s anniversary it is that day or a notification/email for an anniversary who’s account you follow

That's really awesome!

heidiv Jul 2

Hilariously cruel that mine is june 29. Just missed it Hahahaha

omg that is so cry. Mine was May so not quite as depressing. This is very cool though!

I know mine was June 26 I’m so bummed 🙁

<3<3<3OMG a reason more to love MV!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3

This is so amazing!!

I love it

Yay! I can't wait for mine to come :)

That's cool but a LONG wait for me, mine just passed!

Pity that I need to wait until next year being new but this is exciting news!

Oh how sweet MV :x

Amazing! Thank you!


Buxxxom Jul 1

This is really great, thank you!

Mylene Jul 1

Interesting idea! :x I don't remember the day I joined though, it was somewhere in April. :H Upd: I found the date! ;)

How did you find the date?  Thanks!

Mylene Jul 1

My Profile -> About :)

No idea when I signed up? But great idea! More of this please 👌🥳

This Is Nice  ☺️


This is awesome! Too bad I have to wait a whole year since I’m new lol

This is amazing! Thank you MV!

Yay!!!!! I’ll have to check mine!

Thank you. This is so awesome! :)

This is great!!!!!!

This is SO COOL!! I love this idea, yet again you find ways to make the venue more exciting :)

OMAIGA!!!!! This is like so AWSOME!! Mine is till December!!! So it will be a perfect xxxmas gift!! Yay!!! 💕

Omg yessssss!

Wow can’t wait until next year 😆

Awesome 😘

WOW! To bad I have to wait until next year. June 20th is my sign up date and are you going to still have this available then?

Oh hey, this is a really great idea! Thanks guys, what an awesome way to give back :) Thank you Manyvids!

Omg wait my mv anniversary is tomorrow 🤔🤦‍♀️

I love this, thank you!!


Here I am regretting signing up in April and not posting anything 'til September hahaha. Should have just signed up in September! XD

This is awesome!! Happy anniversary MV 😍😍

Omg amazing

That's super awesome news! My 2 year anniversary just past.  So glad to be with MV!:x

Ahhh thats is so fun. And something special for all performers!! Love this!!

This is awesome!! Thank you! 💗💗💗

Cattie Jul 1

I’m soo stoked for this!! July 22nd can’t come soon enough:@

Okay this is actually a really cool improvement! We get the bonus payout AND since we get a variety of days, we arent all in competition at the same time. THANK YOU THIS IS A NICE!

Wow, how cool!

You are AWESOME ~ Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu

Thank you so much <3

Looking forward to it!! Thank you

Thank you!!

this is so cool thank you

Awesome Idea!!<3

SO HECKIN COOL!!! All I have to say is; thank you MV Team! Loving all the positive changes you are making in the community and the amount of recognition you give all its creators. (: Love you guys!

Well I thought it started today lol but it's a good idea!

When I first saw the announcement, I thought maybe it applied to everyone today! I am glad I read this... I will have to see when it applies to me. :H

Same here haha

Me too

So nice. As always the best platform <3

This is insane! We all appreciate your site so much. It's revolutionary for sex workers every where. <3

You guys are the best...

Wow! Thats lovely!

Ryumoau Jul 1

Really awesome news. :)


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