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Summer Promo!

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ManyVids is doing our best to make this the best summer of your life! And we’re heating up the season to a sweltering fever pitch with a summer promo that’s going to get you hot, hot, hot!!! Starting RIGHT NOW, and lasting until September 23, all MV Stars will take home 80% on all vid sales made while they are streaming, entertaining and interacting with MV Members on MV Live. 

That’s right, the web’s best and hottest clip site/live camming platform just got hotter thanks to this promotion that possesses massive potential for any and every Star to increase their earnings! 

There are no hoops to jump through and this special rate is automatically applied to the qualifying vid sales that you make. All you must do is be there, live and present on the MV LIVE platform interacting and performing for your fans. 

Any of your vids sold during that time will bring you an 80% payout rate on every sale! 

So, hop on MV Live now and make this an exciting summer of fun and creative camming and why not make some extra revenue from your amazing vids while you’re at it. Don’t miss out, we all know Summer is the best time of the year, but all good things must pass so take advantage of this remarkable opportunity now!  

Have an awesome Summer! 

- MV Team 




Thank you!❤️


Thanks for the info

Thank you ManyVids for this opportunity)

Love the 80%

I can’t even get my live to work full stop ;/

Ii would love to be a little slutty cam girl

Wow! When I cam here though, nobody buys videos. :H


another reason why I love manyvids (:

Wow this is awesome!

Romanyyy Jun 29

So awesome!!! 💗💗😻😻😻 I love this and can't wait to start :)

Thank you!:yesbaby-9:

Hell yeah!

Awesome !!


fantastic news xx

Tonloka Jun 26




Great news!! ;)

This is so awesome! :)

Sounds great! Wish y'all had RTMP streaming though, it would be so much easier!!


JasmineG Jun 18

How exciting ;) your right this got me HOT HOT HOT!

Ooooh 😱😍❤️

JuliaRed Jun 17

wow. i love that promo) thank you

That’s amazing ! I’ll have to see if I can find anytime to go live <3

I've been talking about going live on here for a while now. Now I'm definitely going to! THANKS! :x

This looks pretty awesome! hopefully this inspires more creators to use the live system x

Bummer so I have to be live on cam to get the 80%. That sucks!

Awesome ❤️

Yassss MV!!


This is awesome

I’m thinking about camming hmmmmm

OMG!!! you guys keep getting better and better

yeahhh= Awesome<3



wow might consider camming on here now for the first time(Y))

Sounds wicked I will have give camming a go on here!

Very exciting 💋





Awesome! Looking forward to doing cam again. <3

How about a way to tell all the various current payouts? It's difficult to look up this information.

Just go to FAQ and read question "When do I get paid and which payment methods are available?"

That info isn't updated, I had to send a message to support to get the various payout info.

Very Cool!

Wow! That's very good. Thank you MV!

But please look into making vid sales 80% forever with or without being on MV Live. 
I'll appreciate that more!

Very good! Happy to wake up reading news like this!

Amazing :-)

Already got excited when 
I saw/had this in action!. I just started your livestream  ( I’m full-time for the last three years on another site) for my 3d time ever tonight 

I’m blown away and so converted already.Your livestream is something worthwhile and making me finally excited about this site again. ❤️

Awesome! :)<3

MV live for phone please

Sweet!! I have to do this... 😍😍


wow wow yayyy !!! you are the best team !!


I'm live now! Come check out my low low prices :D

Thank yoouu!!!

Follow me for watch all my lives! Big ass twerking, hot masturbation with different toys, anal play! 🤩😍

If anyone didn't already know I'm on live every night from 11pm EST to 1AM 💗 I love this especially now that more people are going live and its getting harder to get top 25 gives incentive for even bad months 😊

Woah ok so when I get My laptop back I'll be living on MVLive lol

I love it <3


I'll do more!



That's great motivation for us who go live often, thank you so much! ^.^

This is so awesome !! Maybe I’ll get my butt on cam now ;)

So Awsome!! But wish MV they would have MV Live available on mobile for US MV Stars to stream LIVE..hope soon!  Best of luck to all MV stars that stream! Kick those sales 🤗💕

I agree!  It'd be good to get in some live streaming on the go!

Right!!!!!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


Yessss thank you! Great motivation to get my butt online more!

Cattie Jun 14

Love this! BUT, what's the exact "end date" for so?

September 23!

Cattie Jun 14

Thank you!

Cool, maybe I'll finally find the motivation to start camming.

Pandagrl Jun 14

Hey that's great! <3

The right opportunity to start going live ♥

omfg this makes me so happy!! thank you many vids!!!

I thought of you immediately!

dude mv live star of the year who puts in doubles most days! I'll take 20% extra

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